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With more and more internet and digital content being consumed on mobile devices, and indeed other smart devices, it’s important to consider whether you’re catering for all the different ways in which your content is being consumed.

If you’ve got a website, it’s helpful if it’s a responsive website, whereby its style sheet adapts to mobile devices.

Another option is a purpose built mobile site, whether that sits within the main domain using a different style sheet,  on a sub-domain (e.g. or as a separate domain (e.g.

A mobile web app takes this a stage further, and is designed to more closely resemble a native app.

So with all these options, why would you have a native app developed which essentially does the same job?

Well if your website is a brochure type site, there probably isn’t much point, but if it’s a more complex site, such as an ecommerce site, or if your product or service is relevant to people who are on the move, native apps are worth looking at.

As a native app runs locally on the device, generally speaking it will work much faster than a website, mobile site, or mobile web app. The app will use the device’s internet connection to retrieve data and content, but because the core structure of the app is stored locally, it’s not downloading everything each time the user loads a page. The way native apps work is also much more slick and fluid, enhancing the user experience further.

Secondly, with native apps you can utilise device features like GPS, accelerometers, text, email, calls, cameras, video, much more easily, adding value to your app and making it something which takes full advantage of the fact that it’s on a device that’s mobile.

Thirdly, you can distribute it on app stores, and this in itself gives you another showcase for your brand.

Really Useful Apps can help you to decide whether a website style native app would be appropriate to your business or organisation.