In House Apps

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In addition to using digital technologies to engage with customers, many businesses and organisations use digital technologies to engage with their staff, and to provide their staff with the means to engage with each other, and indeed to perform better in their roles.

Aside from the obvious technologies and devices, like mobile phones, email and internet access, intranets are widely used as in house communication tools, whilst digital presentations and audio/visual marketing resources have been widely used for some time now.

Many companies and organisations also run their own in-house software systems, whether client management, accounting, or sales and marketing focussed.

Given that native apps are essentially software, any of the in house digital technologies discussed above can be replicated in a native app, whether that app be developed to run on a smart phone, or a tablet computer. In fact, given the additional features available on smart devices, native apps can often take this a stage further.

Aside from replicating an intranet in app form, other possibilities include interative sales presentation tools, sales force organisational tools, and staff communication tools using push notifications and other interactive features.

Considering the use of apps for in house purposes is something all businesses and organisations of a certain size should consider, and Really Useful Apps can help to identify and develop ideas for in house apps.