Tablet Computer Apps

Really Useful Apps are iPad app developersIn addition to the iPad, there are many other tablet computer brands out there, running on various operating systems.

As with iPads, other tablet computers are positioned in the market somewhere between a smartphone and laptop – more portable than a laptop, more unsable than a smartphone, particularly when typing or viewing media.

With many millions of these devices out there, it’s important to consider tablet computer apps as part of the decision making process.

Whilst many apps developed for smartphones are also applicable to tablet computer users, one area where tablet computers do differ is in terms of in-house apps.

Many businesses and organisations now incorporate tablet computers into their portfolio of devices made available to staff.

A tablet computer is particularly useful for staff who are based remotely, and indeed when on the road. An in-house company app could be used to organise and plan and monitor a sales force, and to give an on the road sales force all the tools and collateral they need to do their job more effectively, downloading up to date resources and data instantaneously.

We developed an app for a forward thinking national plumbing company, Your Plumber, an app which enabled their nationwide team of franchisees to prepare professional estimates and quotations in front of their potential customers, using a parts directory and other app features. These estimates and quotations could then be emailed to the customer, if required.

If you’re a business or organisation whose staff use tablet computers, you could consider having an in-house app developed for the tablet computers you issue to staff, and we’d be happy to chat through your idea with you.