Safe Collections

Safe Collections is a Really Useful Apps client

Safe Collections offers debt collection and credit control services to businesses, large and small. They’re a long established business and pride themselves on ethical standards.

Their app is a useful calculation tool, which can be used to calculate the interest and fees payable on a debt owed.

The user merely has to enter the invoice amount and the date the payment became overdue, and the app calculates the total amount due to the date the calculation is made.

The client already a version of the app on iOS and Blackberry, and they asked Really Useful Apps to produce the same app for Android, to reflect the growth of Android based smartphones, and give them a wider reach with their app.

After receiving all the required resources from Safe Collections, Really Useful Apps turned the app around in a couple of weeks, and after launch of the Andoid app, Safe Collections were then able to target around 90% of smartphone users.