Windows Phone Apps

Really Useful Apps are Windows Phone app developersWindows Phone is the fourth main smartphone operating system. It is the successor to Windows Mobile, although the two operating systems are incompatible. Despite its name, Windows Phone is also an operating system that is used on other devices too.

Despite the dominance of Microsoft in the PC market, Windows has never had significant market share in the smartphone market, although its current market share of around 3% does represent an upward trend, and many millions of smartphones around the world do run on Windows.

As with Blackberry, Windows is investing in development, and working with manufacturers to offer competitive products, and it will be interesting to see how its sales and market share perform in the coming years.

Whether an app should be developed for Windows really does depend on budget and the nature of the app. Some clients want maximum market share, and develop for all the four main platforms even though the return on investment will be lower on the platforms with the lower market shares. It’s also important to consider demographics, because some types of app could be relevant to the audience using a particular operating system.

A propery thought out mobile strategy always considers the various development options, even if to consciously dismiss some of them, and Really Useful Apps helps our clients to make these important decisions, based on the latest market data and information.