Roku TV Apps

Roku LT TV app developersA Roku is a device which you can attach to your TV, and through which you can stream internet TV from your router, using apps which run on the device.

Roku has hundreds of apps, also known as channels, but the main apps currently available on Roku include Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Now TV (from Sky), and Spotify. Users can select apps from the Roku channel store, and tailor their Roku home screen to their own preferences.

As with other smart TV devices and services, having a device permanently attached to your TV saves having to tether a laptop, whilst the apps on it are designed to deliver correctly formatted content, which you can control via a handy remote control, or indeed via an app which turns your smartphone into a remote control.

Smart TV apps, whether Roku TV apps or the other major players, are yet another consideration for app developers and their clients, and Really Useful Apps helps our clients to consider this channel and whether and how to work it into their plans.