Our Services

UK App Designers Developers - Really Useful Apps.

We develop apps for smart phones across all the various operating systems and platforms, including; iPhone (iOS), Android, Blackberry (RIM) and Windows. We also develop apps for Facebook and other smart devices, including tablet computers and smart TV.

We develop apps large and small, simple and complex, for internal use by companies or for release to customers via the various app stores, whether free of charge or paid-for.

In addition to native apps, which are apps that sit locally on a device, we also design and develop mobile websites, and mobile web apps, which are a hybrid between mobile websites and native apps, using browser based technologies, but configured in such a way as to resemble a native app. In fact, as part of our service to clients, we ensure that clients are clear on the options in respect of engaging their audience in the mobile arena, before helping them to decide what’s best for them to do.

Finally, we also offer app marketing and consultancy services, whether that relates to the promotion of the app itself, or the use of the app to market to your audience, perhaps via push notifications.

Our Service

As mentioned above, a core part of our service, if you require it, is to work with you to establish your mobile strategy, a strategy for your app, and to help you justify the cost of its development to yourself and others by establishing a commercial case.

It may be that you have an idea for an app that is a standalone app, which can be sold on app stores. It may be that you prefer to give it away for free in order to build your brand, or feature advertising within it in order to generate revenue.

You may want to have an app developed to support your website in the mobile environment, as websites built for viewing on PCs don’t always work too well when viewed on mobile phones. An app which includes key elements of your website can sit locally on a user’s phone and work much faster. It can be personalised and utilise the phone’s other features too.

Apps can support your business and customer service effors too, by offering something of use which dovetails in with your product or service in some capacity, whilst some clients have apps developed for internal use, whether that be for sales teams on the road, or merely to impart relevant organisational information to staff.

Apps can also be used for brand building purposes, whereby a useful or fun branded app is developed and given away for free, creating brand awareness amongst its users.

Really Useful Apps can help regardless of the type of app and its use, advising you on the strategy and commercial case for your app, which platforms and devices to develop the app for, and then supporting you from idea to launch and beyond.