App Design & Development

UK App Designers Developers - Really Useful Apps.

Really Useful Apps offers app design and devlopment services to clients, and we design and develop apps for all the main smart devices and platforms.

Apps, short for applications, are pieces of software which sit locally on a device, or on a platform, such as Facebook.

The growth of smart devices and platforms upon which apps can sit, now offers a whole host of opportunities to individuals, businesses and organisations via having an app developed.

There are opportunities to develop smartphone apps that people will want to buy, and distribute them on the various app stores.

There are also opportunities to develop apps and offer them for free, generating a commercial return via an advertising model.

Some companies and organsiations may wish to offer an app for free as a brand building opportunity, whilst others may do so because an app is appropriate to their product or service offer, for example utility companies have used apps to enable customers to enter meter readings. Others just wish to have an app developed to supplement their website in the mobile space.

Some companies and organisations use apps internally, to distribute relevant information to staff members and to provide them with handy tools.

Really Useful Apps can help you to develop concepts for your apps, commercially and technologically, so please do call us to discuss how we can help.