Types Of App

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We’re often asked what types of app Really Useful App develops, and the answer is that we develop pretty much all the different types of app that there are.

As we’ve outlined elsewhere, Really Useful Apps designs and develops apps for a wide range of smart devices, across all the main platforms used by these devices, and for other platforms such as Facebook.

We also design and develop apps in different formats. These include native apps, which sit locally on a device, even though they often retrieve data and content via the device’s internet connection. We also design and develop web apps, which load in their entirety from the internet each time they’re used.

In addition to considering the app format, devices and platforms, the type of app developed also covers the purpose of the app, and the industry sector it’s being developed for.

If an app is developed by a business or organisation, it will often fall into one of four categories.

Firstly it may effectively be a website in app form, or the app could be being developed to become part of the service and/or product delivery. Apps are also developed for brand building purposes, or as in-house tools.

Apps are also developed to be standalone apps, and such apps are developed to generate revenue as paid-for apps, or via in-app advertising. This then breaks down in to categories, such as entertainment apps, games apps, utility apps (apps which do something useful), and information apps (e.g. news, weather).

We’ve developed many of the aforementioned types of apps, which are discussed elsewhere in our website, and in the subsequent pages in this section of our website.