Our Clients

UK App Designers Developers - Really Useful Apps.

At Really Useful Apps we serve a range of clients, including agencies and direct clients.

As we’ve outlined elsewhere, we do a lot of work on behalf of agencies, and indeed many other types of business offering services to the end client, within which they wish to include apps. These businesses and organisations like having access to specialist resource when they need it, and benefit from being able to offer another service to their clients, and of course from the extra revenue it generates.

We also are working increasingly for end clients in different sectors, whether public sector or private sector.

Sectors we’ve worked direct for clients in include travel, financial services, domestic services (including a national plumbing company) amongst others.

We don’t provide details of all the clients we’ve worked for on our site, in some cases because contractually we can’t do so (such as when we work through agencies), but we’ve included details of a few of them in order to give you a feel for the quality and nature of our work.