Android Apps

Really Useful Apps are Android app developers

Android is a Linux based operating system, which was originally developed by Android Inc., who Google bought in 2005 after backing them financially prior to this. Android is primarily an operating system for touchsceen mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. It is open source, with code now released by Google.

The growth of the use of Android on smartphones has been phenomenal, due of course to its backing by Google, due to it being open source, and due to it being free of licence fees.

The Android operating system now has a smartphone market share of more than 50%, which has come largely at the expense of the Symbian operating system (which used to be closely associated with Nokia), although it has taken market share off RIM (Blackberry) too.

When combined with iOS  (Apple iPhone), the Android and iOS operating systems account for between two thirds and 90% of the smart phone market, depending on the market/country you are in.

Android apps can be distributed on the Google Play marketplace, whether on a paid-for or free basis, offering an excellent way of distributing your app.

Obviously each app development project needs to be looked individually, but generally speaking for most apps it is desirable to have an Android version developed.