Standalone Apps

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Standalone apps are apps which are generally developed with the intention of generating a commercial return in their own right.

Sometimes a developer will develop apps for the fun of it, or to build a portfolio, whilst sometimes standalone apps are developed for brand building purposes, or for one of the other reasons apps are developed, covered elsewhere on the Really Useful Apps site.

But generally speaking this category of apps generate direct revenue, whether via in-app advertising, or via being distributed on the app stores on a paid-for basis. Many apps are also now developed using the ‘freemium’ model, whereby an app is distributed for free, but is either a lite version of a paid-for app, or offers in app purchases. Examples of the latter include the user having to pay to unlock subsequent levels in games, or purchase some other form of ‘currency’ or ‘features’ to use in the app.

This category of app includes entertainment apps, games apps, utility apps (apps which do something useful), and information apps (e.g. news, weather).

Being a native app, the app sits locally on the device, and it will either operate completely autonomously with occasional app updates, or with data and content retrieval via the device’s internet connection.

An example of a standalone app Really Useful Apps has developed is our cooking guide app – Boil An Egg – which we did for a bit of fun, and which we sell on the Apple app store.