Brand Building Apps

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Brand owners have traditionally given away tangible freebies for brand building purposes. Examples include pens, calendars, coasters and so forth, all gifted with the intention of bringing their brand to play in another tangible way and reminding their customers, and potential customers, of their brand, by leaving them with something useful and usable.

In the digital era digital products should form part of this area of marketing activity, and smartphone apps are an ideal contemporary way of delivering something useful and usable, to help build a brand.

Millions of people are now using smartphones, and apps are being downloaded in their millions around the world.

What better way of putting your brand in front of this audience than developing an app that is useful, usable, informative, or maybe just entertaining, and offering it for free on the various app stores?

Once you’ve paid for its development, the marketing cost is fixed, and as the total number of downloads increases, your cost per brand view obviously decreases. You can also use these apps to engae your audience in ways which aren’t possible via other brand building activities like tangible giveaways, further adding to the benefit of brand building apps.

Really Useful Apps can help you to decide whether a brand building app is appropriate to you, as well as designing and developing it for you.