Project Showcase

UK App Designers Developers - Really Useful Apps.

At Really Useful Apps we serve a range of clients, including agencies and direct clients.

We don’t provide details of all the clients we’ve worked for on our site, in some cases because contractually we can’t do so (such as when we work through agencies).

However, we’ve included details of a few of our direct clients, and the projects we’ve completed for them, in our project showcase, in order to give prospective clients a feel for the quality and nature of our work, and the types of app we’ve developed.

In the ‘Apps We Develop’ section, we outlined four main types of app that are developed by businesses and organisations to support their business in the mobile environment.

Often an app spans more than one app type, for example most branded apps also benefit the brand concerned, whilst a website style app will also often have customer service components.

For example the app we developed for is primarily a website style app, but it has customer service and brand building benefits too. The app we developed for Safe Collections is primarily a brand building app, although it’s a useful tool for their customers too, whilst the in-house app we developed for Your Plumber is also a customer service tool.

In addition to the aforementioned categories, there are also standalone apps, which are developed using paid-for or advertising revenue models.